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We invite every customer to our team as a member of GMI. Your business idea becomes our challenge - one man will not solve everything, but a group of people, yes.

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What we absolutley love to do

Product Design Workshop

First step to bulid succesful product. Vizualize your idea in 1-3 days during online workshops with our team.

  • Tech Stack Consulting
  • Product Design
  • Design Thinking
  • Product Ideation
  • Scrum Master Support
  • 1-3 days
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Prototyping and MVP

Build first version of your product in 3-6 weeks.

  • Developer
  • Designer
  • Scrum Master
  • 3-6 weeks
  • Scrum Master Support
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Dedicated Development Team

Hire dedicated development scrum team to extend your in-house forces to design, develop and support complex.

  • Developer
  • Designer
  • Full availability
  • Scrum Team 1-9 people
  • Scrum Master Support
  • Node.js, Symfony, Angular, React, React Native
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Case study

Get to know the details of the project implementation

We have designed and made an application for the
FitPass brand. The application contains a search engine
for objects, information pages and author's CMS.

The entire project was prepared as a single-page-application.
A responsive version of the entire site was also prepared.

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Case study

Get to know the details of the project implementation

In the Q2Locker project, we linked together many
technologies that were previously not used
anywhere else in the production environment.

We have managed to create an end-user
friendly product and easy to manage and future expansion.

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Case study

Get to know the details of the project implementation

We support the largest online language learning
platform in Poland

Together with the multi-monitor, we have completely changed the approach to project development,
thanks to which we have accelerated the changes in the product by over

See case study
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Case study

Get to know the details of the project implementation

An innovative application for the German market.

Delivioo took advantage of the market need and a proven business idea. Thanks to solid implementation and the methodology we used during the project implementation, the whole was given away at an express speed and without errors.

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Our core team - there are many more and we are constantly looking for new talents

The head of all bosses, the founder of GMI. Mikołaj is a specialist in fast product validation thanks to 10 years of experience implementing them from scratch. It focuses primarily on combining business and technology. A digital nomad who is also an avid cyclist.
Tech Leader
Back-end Developer for 12 years specializing in designing applications and IT systems from scratch. Leader of programmers and product design team. He is responsible for the quality of the code of each application and will not pass any error. In addition, he is a freak of role-playing games and a cat-stroking lover. :)
Scrum Master
Thanks to Peter, all projects are delivered on time and according to the schedule. The budget for him is sanctity, and the problems according to his definition don't exist. It's simply challenges! It connects the developer team and customers into one role. He is so busy man that when he has free time, he is most likely going to the basketball court with the ball. :) Outside of work, he organizes music festivals completely pro bono!
Front-End Developer
At some stage in his life, Daniel stated that he had to change something and became a programmer. From that moment on, it makes graphics designs a reality and does it very well! His enclave is a garage, where he loves to tinker.
Head of Sales
An expert in building B2B and B2C relations. He perfectly captures the nature and mentality of our team. He is on the front line in our company and all projects pass through him. Programs at free time so that it is able to translate the programming language into "human" language. Passionate about everything that is related to the cosmos. He wants to build a house, and put a large telescope next to him to observe the universe.
Front-End Developer
Wojtek focuses primarily on discovering and implementing the latest solutions in application interfaces. Every mistake of the application is treated by him as a failure, so it checks several times before anything will show the customer. An enthusiastic snowboarder, bookstores cannot keep up with the printing of fantasy books for him.
Back-End Developer
Programmer for 10 years and created so many products that he is not able to count how many projects came from his keyboard. No industry is an obstacle for him. Perfectly finds itself in unusual solutions. Thanks to him, we know what real bread is! If he gets bored with programming, he'll probably set up a bakery. ;)
Back-End Developer
Paweł's 16 years of experience in programming various applications makes him one of the most experienced programmers in our company. He created the first website in the 6th grade of elementary school and as you can see, the passion for programming has been with him forever. After work, he likes to go fishing and watch a good series. He also has a very talented daughter who sings very beautifully.
Marcin has been working for GMI practically since the beginning of the company's history. He is one of those developers who can come up with completely unconventional solutions for every problem he encounters. Moreover, he is a passionate player. Thousands of thousands spent in CSGO and hundreds in PUBG proves how much he likes to spend his free time outside of work.

They recommend us

Don’t just take our word for it! Take a look at how other companies achieved their goals with the help of our remote dev team:

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We highly recommend using the programming services and long-term cooperation with the GMI Group, which provides the company Języki Online with comprehensive support for the e-learning platform along with a dedicated CMS system, including development work as well as optimization of existing functions.

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Karolina Sobocińska


Języki Online Sp. z o.o.

Warsaw, Poland

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I recommend the GMI Group company as a reliable, trustworthy and cooperating partner.

Cooperation with the GMI Group company was fruitful and successful. We are very happy with its effect.c

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Anna Flanek

Project Manager


Warsaw, Poland

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I have worked with the GMI Group on many projects over the last 4 years. I have always been satisfied with the quality of the commissioned works, which were made by Mikołaj Lehman and his entire programming team.

GMI has unique skills to translate ideas into reality. They are very efficient, discreet and, above all, trustworthy.

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Arek Kozłowski

Managing Director

Q2 Smart Lockers & Arco London Ltd.

London, Great Britain

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With the greatest pleasure and full responsibility, we recommend GMI as a professional contractor for web applications and CMS systems. We chose GMI primarily because they approached our inquiry very professionally. Very fluent contact at an early stage of talks announced that the implementation would be equally efficient and it actually was.

If there is an opportunity in the future to jointly implement another project, we will definitely use the services of GMI again.

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Tomasz Kozioł-Milanowicz


Project Manager

Warszawa, Poland

Join the companies that have built the product with us.

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241/5000 We are happy to share knowledge not only about the programming itself but also about the IT industry. You are not sure if this service is perfect for you? Learn more about all aspects of the work of manufacturing digital products.

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