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internet of things


A laundry service system
in London

While implementing the Q2Locker project, we linked together many technologies that were previously not used anywhere else in the production environment.
We have managed to create an end-user friendly product and easy to manage and future expansion.

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To the German market - Delivioo

From the very beginning, realizing this project, we knew that we are working on something special.
Delivioo took advantage of the market need and a proven business idea. Thanks to a solid implementation o and the methodology that we have used during the project implementation, the whole was handed over at an express speed and without errors.

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For over two years, we have been constantly developing and improving the language platform for our client.
On-line business requires constant changes in the code. Without these corrections, technological debt is constantly increasing, which may lead to the loss of customers. And this is what the multikourse has met. Thanks to us, the company improves its product every day to make their customers happy.

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What Our Clients Say

q2 locker

Arek Kozłowski

Managing Director of Q2 Smart Lockers & Arco London Ltd.

I have co-operated with GMI Group on different projects in the past 4 years. I have been always very happy with the quality of work carried out by the director - Mikolaj Lehman and his whole team.

The company has a unique ability to translate ideas into reality. They are very efficient, discreet and trustworthy.

Furthermore GMI Group takes a great deal of pride in what they do and they work very hard to achieve the exact results that the customer is looking for. They worked many late hours in my development area just to make sure that a delivered project is exactly what my company wanted.

Mikolaj is dedicated, intelligent, responsible and he has never missed a deadline. I have no hesitation in recommending GMI Group. I intend to use their services for further projects.
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Supreme Court Review

Josh Kleiman

CEO, Founder
New York, US

This group of programmers is the best I have ever worked with!

Over the years, I have worked with programmers in China, India, the Philippines, the U.S., the UK and many other places. Until I met this team, however, I always ran into problems (including programmers that were not as highly skilled as they said they were, budget limits that were completely disregarded, and those who only dedicated one day a week to my project).

All of these issues disappeared when I found this group. After so many years of problems and never finding the right fit, it was truly a miracle to find them.

Everything was done in the most professional manner imaginable. Communication is key and I was in contact with them every single day.

For years, I have sought a group like this and it is so nice to know that I have finally found what I spent so much time looking for.

Thank you all for your hard work and I hope to work together again in the future!
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Elearning app

Karolina Sobocinska

Project Manager
Jezyki Online Sp. z o.o.
Warsaw, Poland

It is with great pleasure that we recommend the usage of programming services and a long-term cooperation with GMI Group.

The company provides the Języki Online company with comprehensive operation of the e-learning platform multikurs.pl along with a dedicated CMS system, this including development works, as well as the optimization of the already existent functions.

The GMI Group is a team of high-class professionals who are able to effectively manage their time, and who are open to the implementation of innovative ideas with the usage of innovative methods. Undoubtedly, the team's qualifications are of the highest level and are worth recommending. The quality of the services provided, the implementation time and the atmosphere of everyday cooperation with the GMI Group do not raise any reservations. Understanding our needs and the peculiarity of the implemented project guarantees satisfaction and long-range cooperation.

We can, without any hesitation, recommend GMI Group as a trustworthy technological partner. They will be able to handle any IT project, and the implementation of crazy ideas within a realistic budget and reasonable period of time is their specialty.
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IT Projects - Web applications

Anna Flanek

Project Manager
Cracow, Poland

I recommend the GMI Group as a reliable, trustworthy partner, who is fully committed to the cooperation.

This company has cooperated with us during the implementation of a project focusing on the development of a complex IT system consisting of a web portal and a mobile application.

The most important of the system elements GMI Group was responsible for during the implementation of the project were:

  • creating a communication layer between the synchronized systems,
  • creating the data structure or the data gathered within the system,
  • the implementation of the webpage user interface

  • All of the works were consulted on a regular basis, and our suggestions and requests were implemented according to our expectations. The team members responded to our messages quickly and were always in contact with us.
    The cooperation with the GMI Group was productive and successful. We are very satisfied with the results.
    We wholeheartedly recommend cooperating with the GMI Group company to all those interested.
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    Technologies in which we specialize


    Do you want your application to be transparent and run smoothly?

    Each user will appreciate a convenient tool, and above all a light and friendly interface.

    Creating effective applications requires appropriate tools. Thanks to Angular, creating a visual layer is definitely faster and cheaper !

    PHP Symfony

    PHP Symfony & Laravel
    Speed of creation - the basic version of the application can be created in two weeks, thanks to which you will have a ready solution in a short time. We do it faster than others!

    Easy to expand - Do you already have applications? Do you want to expand it? Contact us. Not only will we do it quickly, but we will analyze it together in terms of usability. You will receive full feedback with suggestions.

    Community support - If your product is growing at a dizzying speed and you need support in further work, please contact us. We will help at every stage of development, you will save time and money above all, and we will take care of everything.


    Cordova / PhoneGap
    Android or IOS system? This is the basic question that everyone is asking about the design of mobile applications.

    Or both at the same time? In addition, faster and cheaper !

    Thanks to such a tool as Cordova (Phonegap), creating one application, we get the possibility to install and run it on many platforms. Using this technology, we save time and money

    Do you want to create a startup, but you do not have any programming resources? We are specialists in the field of Minimum Viable Product (MVP). We will help you create a product from scratch while paying close attention to the budget.

    do you want to know more?

    Discover MVP advantages

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