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Our products really work.

Proof of Concept for Vertical Farms

GreenTech MQTT Web

Explore in-store modular vertical farms: advanced sensors monitor humidity, light, and temperature. PLCs and a cloud-based
MQTT Broker ensure seamless data flow. Real-time data analysis and adjustable parameters optimize growth, delivering fresher produce.

Solarts: GreenTech Innovations in Solar Energy

3D Creator GreenTech Web

Tap into the renewable revolution with Solarts Case Study: an advanced photovoltaic software solution. Learn how to simplify the process of solar panel installation with this user-friendly solution.

Q2 Smart Lockers: Transforming Dry Cleaning in the Digital Age

Mobile Smart Locker Web

Explore the Q2 Smart Lockers case study: a unique blend of mobile tech and practical service, revolutionizing dry-cleaning in London. A tale of innovation and strategic partnership.

Monarty: Web 3.0 Art Marketplace

3D blockchain NFT Web

Dive into the Monarty case study: a fusion of art and blockchain
technology, web3 showcasing innovation in NFT marketplaces and digital art platforms. A technical evolution in art.

Street Art Detector: Connecting Global Street Art Enthusiasts

Mobile Navigaton Route Planning

Experience the thrill of discovering urban art like never before. An innovative mobile app streamlines city exploration, guiding you to hidden gems among the murals. Ideal for vacations and weekend getaways, it adds a new dimension to urban adventures.

Parkchmura: Pioneering Smart Parking Solutions at Gdańsk Airport

Payment Integration PWA Web

Delve into our comprehensive case study of Parkchmura, where innovative web application solutions are revolutionizing the efficiency and management of smart parking services at airports.

EMKA: Medical Waste Management App for HealthTech

healthtech Mobile Route Planning Web

Learn from a HealthTech success story: a medical waste management app that combines efficient route planning with robust technology, achieving 5000 first-month downloads, setting new industry standards.

Budlex: IoT sensors in smart buildings

IoT Mobile PropTech

Experience a breakthrough in PropTech: A real estate developer’s journey from concept to a cutting-edge utility tracking app, navigating real-world challenges.