Product Design Workshop
& UX Workshop

Your game-changing idea is just a start. Where do you go from there? What is the best way to validate your startup idea? How to design and develop your product from scratch? What will be your app development cost? Discover product design workshop – your agile way to design, build, and ship your application.

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What problem
are you struggling with?

Projects are piling up, expectations are growing, so do the business needs. How to face them when:

  • How your application will look like in the real world?
  • What are the stages of your IT product development?
  • How should you plan your budget – what will be your app cost?
  • What technologies should you inject in your project?
  • How to assemble a dev team to run your product design smoothly?


Product Design Workshop

The idea of design thinking revolutionized the way successful businesses enter the market with their technology products. Here’s how this framework looks like:

  • Empathize – let’s talk and understand the vision and ideas.
  • Define – let’s challenge the ideas, address your audience’s pain points, and make some decisions.
  • Ideate – let’s share ideas, diverge, and prioritize them.
  • Prototype – time for mockups, storyboards, and fast iterations.
  • Testing – time to check what works and what doesn’t.

Concept Stage – Product Discovery Workshop

Watch our 23min recording comprehensively explaining the discovery stage of the project.

Workshop Agenda

We use Miro Virtual Board to work together with you during workshops.

How will your workshops look like in real life? At GMI Software House, it takes 1-3 days to conduct an efficient, online product design workshop.


  • Business vision
  • Target audience and customer segments
  • Unique value proposition
  • Marketing channels to reach your target audience
  • Benefits your product will be offering to each customer segment
  • Sources of revenue
  • Key business resources
  • Key business decisions and actions to achieve your created business model
  • List of business partners you can collaborate to skyrocket your product

Product & Technology

  • Product short/mid/long-term goals
  • Customer journey with flow chart
  • Establish the must-have and nice-to-have features
  • Product Backlog and User Stories – product scope for your MVP
  • Low-fidelity wireframes
  • Product roadmap
  • Recommended technology stack
  • Estimated project budget

Your benefits

Why should you turn the green
light to designing your product
with remote, digital workshops?

  • You will get the clear-cut project schedule. You will know precisely when and what to fire away when it comes to product, sales, and marketing.
  • No additional costs will take you by surprise! You will know everything about the costs before you move on with product development.
  • How many developers and designers will you need to employ to build your product? How much will they cost you? You will have it nailed down after the workshops.
  • Right at the start-line, you will know how your application will look like.
  • Nothing will surprise you during the development!

Are the workshops conducted individually or in the group?

All workshops are conducted individually with our clients. Your team and GMI team will meet together on Google Meet to talk about your product and challenges.

Do you have to prepare a detailed specification of your product before the workshop?

No, you don’t! Our workshops are designed to help you with building your app no matter what stage you are. Our team will adjust workshops agenda depending on your goals and available timeline.

Do you have to fly to Poland to take part in the workshop?

No, you don’t! As one of the first fully remote software companies, we provide all tools and processes to conduct workshops and app development remotely.

Instead of wasting time on travelling, you can use your time and budget to build a better product. Or you can spend saved time with your family!

What’s the next step to schedule the workshop?

Just contact us to arrange an intro call, and we will schedule the product design workshop prepared especially for you.


Business Analyst & Proxy Product Owner

Miko is a specialist in rapid product validation thanks to 10 years of experience in implementing them from idea to implementation. He focuses primarily on combining business with technology.


Digital nomad, which in addition is an avid cyclist. It is Santa Claus who is responsible for the whole process of conducting the workshop.


See Linkedin Profile


UI/UX Designer

Oscar is responsible for designing the user experience, i.e. ensuring that the product evokes positive feelings in people who use it. User experience is the reactions and feelings associated with the use of a product. Oskar is responsible for ensuring that the product responds to the needs of end users, must solve their specific problem, ailment and must be understandable.


Tech Lead

Wojtek focuses primarily on discovering and implementing the latest solutions in application interfaces. He treats every error in the application’s operation as a failure so he makes sure several times before he shows anything to the client. He’s a keen snowboarder, and bookstores can’t keep up with printing fantasy books for him.


Angular – open framework and platform for creating SPA, supported and developed by Google Node.js – multi-platform runtime environment for server-side React Native – free source framework for creating mobile applications, developed by Facebook womb – SDK for creating multi-platform mobile applications


DELIVIOO – application enabling shippers and drivers to transfer shipments to each other for transport

GIVERR – mobile application managing micro-donations for charities

MULTIKURS – an e-learning platform. Multikurs is a platform that allows you to learn 10 foreign languages using interactive courses. As a team of programmers we were responsible for migration from the existing code, refactoring and implementation of new functionalities in web applications.

CODERSLAB – a modern IT school, which enables a quick change of profession and effective expansion of digital competence. It focuses on the transfer of practical skills useful for future employers. It organizes both intensive web programming courses (e.g. JavaScript, Python, PHP, C#, Java) as well as UX Digital or Tester.

3MK – application for creating protective film blanks using the mobile application and plotter

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