How to avoid project discord? Embrace the Proxy Product

5 October 2018

Your dream as an IT investor is to conduct a successful project and to receive the finest piece of software. Choosing the agile method and teaming up with a skillful software house, already puts you a step ahead of...

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Software House reveals – Blockchain as a heart of IT Project

12 September 2018

It’s highly unlikely to estimate how often do we hear about Blockchain every day. Sometimes it seems like most of the articles, blog posts, surveys, foresight we see on the internet and press is about it. How much truth...

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MVP Launch – Why We Had To Slaughter Our Code?

5 September 2018

This can be one of our worst nightmares as a start-up. We have just launched our MVP on the market. It turned out that instead of a victory we have to face a defeat. Why we have to burn...

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Stakeholder vs Product Owner in the online project – is mixing up these roles a good idea?

28 August 2018

What will happen if in our IT project a Stakeholder takes a role of a Product Owner? Is it a good idea that both these roles were performed by one person? There are many aspects that have an impact on...

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Why building an online product in a 12-month timeline is wrong?

19 August 2018

It might be a complex online system, it might be an application. When we plan to build an online business, we need to focus on benefits for our clients, instead of an impressive amount of features. If we decide...

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Building an online product – does it have to last from 6 to 12 months?

5 August 2018

Six months, three thousand working hours for programmers, and 50% of project budget – that will be the cost of a product specification, and we didn’t even start coding. That’s a common scenario for waterfall methodology. Is there an...

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App Marketing – When is The Best Time to Launch? [NOW!]

30 June 2018

As a start-up working on a product strategy you need to answer that question. What is the best option? Wrapping up an app and then starting the marketing communication? Or incorporate marketing into the fundaments of the process? Times, when...

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Live chat – which is the best for your product? Comparison

23 February 2016

Surfing the pages of interactive agencies or young startups we come across an interesting approach to customer service - Live chat. We introduced such a possibility, but before we did we conducted a long and arduous tests, the results...

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MVP – Minimum Viable Product

13 February 2016

Did you get the great idea you see in him the potential revenue opportunities, millions of users supported by millions of accounts. You got it! Creating a business plan, specification painstakingly writing out the way newer and newer ideas,...

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Mobile application – Hybrid or Native? Differences

2 February 2016

The term 'mobile app' despite appearances is not clear because there are many types of mobile applications. These differences do not only apply to technology but also affect the business model of the company or a startup. In this...

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