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UI UX Trends 2024 Fresh Insights & Leading Trends

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, staying au courant with the latest UI and UX phenomena is of paramount importance. You see, user experience and user interface - these twin pillars of software creation - hold the key to the hearts and minds of your users. Overlook them, and you risk sullying user contentment and, alas, shrinking profits. So, dear reader, let us embark on an enthralling journey as we delve into the most captivating digital UI UX trends of 2024, poised to reshape the software development realm in the not-so-distant future.

miko lehman
Miko Lehman
CEO @ GMI Software
20 November 2023 18 MIN OF READING
ui ux trends 2024

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In the ever-evolving digital landscape, staying au courant with the latest UI and UX phenomena is of paramount importance. You see, user experience and user interface – these twin pillars of software creation – hold the key to the hearts and minds of your users. Overlook them, and you risk sullying user contentment and, alas, shrinking profits. So, dear reader, let us embark on an enthralling journey as we delve into the most captivating digital UI UX trends of 2024, poised to reshape the software development realm in the not-so-distant future.

If you’re a smart developer, insightful product manager, or brave business owner, grasping these innovative trends offers a competitive edge. Thus, let’s raise the innovation sails, steer into unknown waters, and bring stellar digital experiences to our valued users.

Emerging as a defiant trend in web design, brutalism breaks the conventions of sleek layouts and easy navigation. Rooted in 20th-century architecture, this style in the digital realm is characterized by stark contrasts, bold fonts, and jarring layouts.

A striking example is the solidarity website for Ukraine, an initiative of Polish designers and global contributors. Each day, a new letter of the Ukrainian alphabet is designed, symbolizing Ukraine’s resilient spirit. This design isn’t just for aesthetics—it loudly and boldly communicates Ukraine’s rich history and unwavering spirit.

Yet, brutalism isn’t one-size-fits-all. Perfect for portfolios or websites with bold messages, it demands attention. Platforms like Plain Form showcase its potential impact. However, for content requiring clarity and ease, brutalism might be overpowering.

In summary, brutalism is poised to be 2024’s standout UX/UI trend. Used wisely, it’s a powerful tool, ensuring messages aren’t just heard, but felt.

Embrace the Magic of AI-Enhanced User Experience Design

As machine learning and AI bloom, we find ourselves on the brink of a revolution in AI-driven UX design tools. These magical gadgets will enable businesses to craft spellbinding websites and apps that captivate their audience. Unlike old design tools that focused on visuals and user flows, AI-powered allies stress the unity of full functionality, interweaving a flawless fabric of features.

In short, businesses gain the power to embed UX best practices from the start, aligning creations with user desires. With each nugget of feedback and data from vocal users, AI-enabled UX tools make iterating and refining design a breeze. Anticipating customer concerns, they illuminate the way to a future where users rule and satisfaction thrives.

The Metaverse and How It Works

In the enchanting realm where reality entwines with the whimsical, AR&VR construct a fantastical bridge. Here, mortals traverse unfamiliar terrains, tasting the exhilaration of the novel and the arcane.

Currently, this mesmerizing domain casts its allure over the vast digital territories, from the intricate machinery that powers our desktops to the pulsating heartbeat of our handheld communicators. When you dip your senses into this meta-reality via your cellular device, it’s akin to diving headfirst into an interactive digital tapestry. Imagine: a realm where edification meets adventure; where you sculpt and paint your niche; where ethereal coins change hands; where souls converge, seek, and revel in playful challenges.

Titans of industry, such as the rebranded Meta and the Swedish design giant, Ikea, have cast their nets into these waters. Take, for example, Ikea’s digital offering, “Ikea Place.” It’s a portal where the boundaries blur, allowing you to envision and intertwine their designs seamlessly into your own sanctuary, all before a single coin is spent.

Say Hello to Adaptive and On-the-Go UX Design

As mobile devices unlock the digital cosmos, organizations adopt a mobile-first design philosophy. Picture crafting for pocket-sized screens first, then expanding to desktop features. Responsive design elegantly adapts to various screens, satisfying device-wielding crowds.

However, times change, and the future hints at a context-first design. Imagine digital experiences tailored to users’ context and situation, regardless of device. Soon, organizations will weave digital canvases with user context threads, and apps and websites will transform, reflecting evolving user experiences.

UX User Behavior Statistics

1Users stopped using an app due to poor performance90%
2Time users spend on mobile daily5 hours
3People messaging an online chatbot for business communication63%
4People wanting to talk to a real person if chatbot fails79%
5Online customers not returning due to bad user experience88%
6Global use of ad blockers420 million
7Longer stay on web pages with videos88%
8Users preferring humor they can relate to70%
9Visitors wanting more product info on a company website86%
10Customers sharing about a bad online experience44%
11Users telling 15 or more people about bad experiences13%
12Consumers checking a business’s website or online inventory before visit46%
13Judging a website’s credibility based on aesthetics75%
Source: userguiding report

In recent history, the buzz around virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) was subtle yet significant. By 2019, these technological advancements were poised to dominate, becoming more affordable and permeating various sectors including healthcare, education, and retail.

Think of virtual reality as an intricate, computer-driven environment that fully engulfs its users. On the other hand, augmented reality enhances our existing surroundings by seamlessly integrating digital elements such as audio, visuals, and graphics. As businesses harness these technologies, they’re set to reshape customer interactions, offering unparalleled immersive experiences.

But the scope of AR and VR isn’t limited to just consumer engagement. Their influence spills over into areas like training, product design, testing, and customer service. The promise held by VR and AR is undeniable, with potential to fundamentally change our interactions and perceptions of the world around us.

The Rise and Refinement of Glassmorphism in Digital Design

In the tapestry of digital aesthetics, Glassmorphism emerges, dancing like an enigmatic sylph, casting its ethereal, frosted silhouette upon UI canvases. Imagine the whisper of winter, where icy panes gently obscure the world beyond; now transpose this to buttons, to boards, to card veneers. Softly-blurred, nearly ephemeral backdrops entwine with figures that seem to defy gravity, hovering as if caught in a timeless waltz above their misty stage.

Peering into this design realm, one witnesses elements draped in the diaphanous robes of delicate, iced crystal. It’s an orchestrated ballet of depth and layers, where apparitions waft in digital space and the zenith stratum melds seamlessly with its glassy parent. Glassmorphism? It’s not merely a trend, but an ode to sleek futurism, whispered minimalism, and a dash of tomorrow’s elegance.

Explore the Intriguing Realm of Dark UX and UI Designs

As we journey into the UI UX trends of 2024, a fresh star ascends: Dark UX and UI. This mesmerizing style spins a web of rich, minimalist shades, dispelling the noise of colors to calm users’ tired eyes. Delight in the serenity of a darker interface, luring increased focus, lively interaction, and speedy task completion from its entranced users.

UI 2024
UI UX Trends 2024: Product Analytics Management System Dashboard Dark Version by Kostia Varhatiuk for Fireart Studio

However, amid the twilight charm of Dark UX and UI, businesses must remember the golden rule: functionality and usability always win. Designers need to find the perfect harmony, infusing their dark canvas with contrasts that highlight buttons and features, effortlessly guiding users through the magical domain.

So, while navigating the shadowy world of apps and websites, designers should also unfurl the scrolls of readability. With each digital brushstroke, they’ll inscribe their stories in the chronicles of Dark UX and UI, lighting the way to captivating user experiences.

Dive into the Dynamic World of Motion Design

In the ever-evolving realm of experiential graphic design, a fresh breeze whispers through the leaves – the captivating art of motion design. A discipline that swirls the essence of graphic design with the enchanting realm of film and video production, motion design breathes life into animation and visual effects. Its canvas stretches wide, from the silver screen to animated text, and even to the bustling world of web-based animations and applications.

UI UX Trends 2024
UI UX Trends 2024: Motion Design Example by Pedro Aquino

As digital technologies blossom, motion design flourishes in their embrace, rapidly unfurling its wings to soar to new heights. Amidst the tapestry of traditional environmental graphic design, digital threads now intertwine, making motion design an indispensable wand in the designer’s magical toolkit.

In this wondrous world, the ability to conjure type in motion emerges as a vital incantation. Infused with the elixir of time, motion design adds a new dimension to graphics, granting designers the power to create and transfigure their art. And so, as we journey forth into the ever-changing landscape of design, let us not forget the spellbinding allure of motion design and the boundless possibilities it holds.

In an age that reverberates with the aftermath of global afflictions, touchless encounters have not only persevered but flourished. As the calendar flips to 2024, the legacy of the pandemic lingers. Swish, swoosh, beep! Mobile wallet payments aren’t just digital murmurs; they’ve serenaded approximately 150 million American pockets and purses.

Indeed, the very essence of our tactile engagements has undergone a metamorphosis. By bidding adieu to device dalliances – a precautionary gambit against insidious maladies – we’ve inadvertently sculpted mobile user interfaces that breathe intuitiveness.

And then there’s the UI landscape, undulating with novel trends. Notably, the crumbling edifice of traditional passwords – with their notorious vulnerability – paves the way for passwordless wonders. Think about it: the press of a fingerprint, the curve of a cheek, the intricate ballet of multi-factor confirmations. Such are the harmonious hymns of biometrics and beyond. Two challenges, one stone-cast solution. How utterly poetic!

UX Content Statistics

1Customers wanting content that displays well across all devices45%
2Users wanting content personalized to their interests54%
3Users stopping engagement with content due to image load issues or long loading times39%
4Customers making an unplanned purchase after experiencing personalized content34%
5WordPress’s share among all websites on the Internet39.5%
6WordPress’s rank among the world’s top websites14.7%
Source: userguiding report

Get Lost in the Enchanting Experience of Immersive Scrolling

In the magical world of motion design, a captivating trend is brewing, set to enchant the UI UX trends of 2024. Picture the tedium of endless scrolling, its allure fading even when decked with videos or animations—it can’t hold our users’ gaze for long.

But wait! Nestled in the vertical motion lies a hidden gem—a unique hierarchy that, when discovered, shares untold stories. Equipped with a powerful mix of JavaScript and animation libraries, modern designers can masterfully direct content’s entrance, order, and behavior.

UI UX Trends 2024: Designed by: Creative Nights

Watch the humble scroll transform, now tailored to trigger smooth moves or specific actions—be it elegant shifts, entrancing video zooms, or clever image morphs. With this bewitching approach, brands can showcase their wares through an immersive story, breathing life into websites and leaving users charmed, captivated, and utterly thrilled.

Welcome to the Thrilling Universe of 3D Elements

In the kaleidoscopic realm of visual effects, a spectacle awaits to ensnare a consumer’s gaze and heighten their virtual escapades. As the sands of time journey into 2024, the UI and UX design compass shall veer toward minimizing the awakening moments of websites and applications. Swiftly, the spotlight shall shine upon nimble frameworks, as innovation and intrigue blossom.

In this brave new world, legions of developers and designers will embark on a quest for tools that simplify the unveiling of web pages and visual masterpieces. As a result, the siren call of interactive animation shall lure users, etching memories more vividly upon their minds. Yet, a conundrum arises, for such enchantment may hinder the swift rise of websites.

The goal remains clear: to captivate and enthrall the audience. With the allure of the 3D impact, brands shall etch their names into the annals of recognition, inviting ever-expanding legions of admirers and transcending the boundaries of their target audience.

UI UX Trends 2024
UI UX Trends 2024: 3D elements

Embark on a Captivating Adventure with Scrollytelling

In the enchanting realm of motion design, scrollytelling emerges as a beguiling dance that marries visual allure and seamless transitions. This captivating performance entices users to waltz through content with dynamic interplay, unveiling fresh insights and sparking fascination in the user experience.

Even when the stage is set with modest content, scrollytelling twirls gracefully across landing pages, bestowing life and distinction upon brands and products. This mesmerizing choreography enriches content, elevates the perception of brands, ignites engagement, and weaves a tapestry of desire.

Scrollytelling web design Example

As the digital landscape blossoms and the footfalls of internet users multiply, it is essential for businesses and designers to remain au courant with the latest scrollytelling trends and techniques. Doing so ensures they continue to pirouette at the forefront of innovation, capturing both the hearts and minds of their enchanted audience.

Embrace the Charm of Bold and Distinctive Fonts in Design

Ancient typography or rule-breaking typography is a UI trend that puts typography front and center. In this design aesthetic, typography takes on a key position beyond its conventional function. In certain designs, typography is allowed to spin, twist, get huge, divide words into multiple lines, and create poor readability. To bend the rules of typography correctly, you should be familiar with them.

Trends 2024
UI UX Trends 2024: Design by Roberto Perrino

It is only when it is necessary to make such bold design choices that you should think them through and plan them carefully. Bolder typography is a central part of UI design trends, which makes a big statement and delivers optimum value. You should carefully plan and think through these sorts of decisions.

UI UX Trends 2024 for Foldable Devices

In the lively foldable phone realm, Samsung’s Z Flip and Z Flip 3 shine with exceptional innovation. Their blend of advanced tech and affordability triggers a sales tsunami, outshining predecessors. As the foldable market grows, competitors join the battle, eager to claim territory.

Hence, we must quickly refine our software! Google, through, reveals foldable screen app secrets for Android 12 OS. Grasping these moves helps orchestrate stunning foldable screens (UI design trends) in product development.

With Google’s hints and announcements, UI design trends will soon steal the spotlight. In the coming year, designers face the challenge of creating flexible screens for foldable devices, unleashing endless creative possibilities.

UX Design Statistics

1Visitors believing website’s design is crucial for brand’s credibility48%
2Website’s first impressions attributed to its design94%
3Customers preferring simple website design vs. wanting something stunning41% vs 59%
4Companies spending $2,000 to $2,500 on web design24.3%
5Businesses budgeting web design costs at $5,000 to $6,00013.51%
6Companies saying UX design influences web design costs46.1%
7Businesses stating site features and functionalities influence web design costs61.5%
8Negative user feedback attributed to design94%
9Marketing experts identifying ad clutter as an obstacle to good user experience54%
Source: userguiding report

Dazzle with the Colorful Art of Gradient Design

2024 is going to be a dazzling year for gradients, as they shimmy their way back into the limelight, playing a starring role in storytelling and visual feasts! With a kaleidoscope of vivid hues and intricate forms at their disposal, UI/UX designers will have a treasure trove of options to craft subtle emotional cues that tug at users’ heartstrings.

 Trends 2024
UI UX Trends 2024: Gradient Design

Imagine a world where soft pastel gradients paint the perfect picture of grace, airiness, and serenity, effortlessly weaving their magic for cosmetic brands. Their enchanting presence will sway the hearts and minds of the masses, casting a spell of allure and charm.

But hold on to your hats, because vibrant palettes are ready to steal the show, too! They’ll be the go-to choice for sports, urban clothing, and other daring enterprises, infusing each design with boundless energy and vivacity.

So, get ready for an unforgettable adventure through a wonderland of gradients, as they spark joy and inspiration in the creative realm of UI/UX design in 2024!

In conclusion, the UI UX Trends of 2024 highlighted in this article are set to greatly influence software development in the coming years. By adopting these exciting developments, organizations can enhance their digital user experience, delivering superior products to their users. As we continue to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of digital transformation, staying up-to-date on emerging UI UX trends 2024 is essential for businesses aiming to succeed in this competitive arena.

Brutalism in UI/UXA bold design trend making a statement in 2024.
AI-Enhanced User Experience DesignUtilizing artificial intelligence to enhance the user experience.
The MetaverseExploring its function and impact on UI/UX design.
Adaptive and On-the-Go UX DesignFocusing on user behavior and designing for mobile and adaptable experiences.
Virtual and Augmented Reality UI/UXStepping into immersive worlds through VR and AR technologies.
Dark UX and UI DesignsFocusing on darker themes in design.
Motion DesignA dynamic world of animation and motion in UI/UX design.
Touchless ExperiencesA trend toward reducing physical touch interactions in design.
Immersive ScrollingEnhancing user engagement through scrolling experiences.
3D ElementsIntegrating 3D elements into design for a thrilling user experience.
ScrollytellingUtilizing scrolling as a method of storytelling in design.
Bold and Distinctive FontsEmbracing distinctive typography in design.
UI/UX for Foldable DevicesAdapting design strategies for foldable technology.
Gradient DesignUtilizing gradients to add color and depth to design.
Responsive UI DesignDesigning digital products to work well across all devices.
Advanced Cursor InteractionsEnhancing user engagement with advanced cursor functionalities.
Personalized ExperiencesTailoring user experiences based on individual preferences and behaviors.
Data VisualizationUtilizing data visualization to communicate information clearly and efficiently.
Micro-interactionsSmall interactions that enhance the user experience by providing feedback.
Clean User InterfacesDesigning clear and uncluttered user interfaces with a unique twist.
AI-Generated ContentUtilizing AI to generate content, enhancing personalization and efficiency.
Metaverse Integration in Mobile UICreating integrated immersive ecosystems blending the virtual and real worlds.
3D Elements in UI DesignUtilizing 3D elements to create immersive experiences and enhance visual appeal.

What are the big UI/UX trends for 2024?

Some major trends to watch include brutalism with its stark and bold aesthetic, AI tools that automate and enhance design, virtual and augmented reality bringing immersive experiences, dark mode interfaces for focused productivity, motion graphics bringing vibrancy through animation, mobile-first and adaptive design, immersive scrolling for interactive storytelling, and 3D elements for vivid engagement.

How can brutalism be used effectively in 2024 trends?

Brutalism’s high-contrast, confrontational style suits portfolios or brands wanting an edgy, avant-garde look. However, it may overwhelm platforms needing simplicity and clarity. Brutalism demands attention so designers must use it strategically and balance elements like fonts and layouts to maximize impact while retaining usability.

What benefits do AI design tools offer for 2024 trends?

AI UX design tools integrate best practices and user data to help companies quickly build interfaces optimized for usability and conversion. This allows designers to spend less time on repetitive tasks and frees them up for higher-level creativity. AI assistance also makes iterating smooth, so designs can be refined based on usage analytics and user feedback.

How will AR/VR reshape 2024 UI/UX trends?

VR and AR allow for nuanced experiential interfaces and immersive simulations useful for shopping, gaming, training, collaboration and more. This transforms how people interact with brands and products. UX design will evolve to craft intuitive gestures, worlds and avatars. With AR, UI can overlay into the physical environment, merging digital and reality.

Why will dark UX/UI trend in 2024?

Dark interfaces with muted backgrounds and vivid highlights will rise in popularity for their aesthetic appeal and productivity benefits. Studies show dark modes reduce eye strain while boosting attention and focus. Careful use of color, contrast and typography can retain readability. Dark UX when done thoughtfully also creates sleek, stylish designs.

How is motion design evolving for 2024?

Creative motion graphics in video, apps and websites make interfaces feel lively and dynamic. Advancing technologies like WebGL unlock new possibilities for animated 3D graphics and cinematic visual effects in UX. Motion allows storytelling with movements, transitions and transformations, engaging users in memorable interactions.

How will immersive scrolling impact 2024 trends?

Unlike basic scrolling, immersive scrolling uses thoughtful pacing, sequence and motion to reveal a narrative story. This makes content discovery exciting and websites feel cinematic. Parallax effects, animations and reactive elements help guide users through an interactive, multi-sensory journey that gets them captivated.

What benefits can 3D elements offer for 2024 trends?

The addition of 3D visuals and dimensional layers make digital experiences feel tangible and lifelike. This sparks curiosity while making interfaces more memorable. 3D adds vibrancy, conveys spatial relationships better, and helps direct user attention. Virtual try-ons and product configs are further enhanced with realistic 3D models.

How will scrollytelling enhance 2024 UI/UX?

Scrollytelling uses visuals sequencing with motion during scrolling to engage users in an immersive story. Revealing parts of the narrative through scrolling keeps visitors hooked while imparting information and emotion. This boosts perceived quality and brand storytelling, while the interactive experience enhances enjoyment.

Why use bold fonts in 2024 trends?

Strategically oversized fonts and experimental typography add flair to interfaces when done purposefully. Bold fonts attract attention and make copy more impactful. Type design can enhance storytelling and convey brand personality. But balance is key to maintain clarity amidst dramatic fonts and maximize elegance.