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Metaverse – Future Internet

The term metaverse is increasingly popular in both technology and business. It describes a vision of a vast number of three-dimensional virtual spaces that, via the Internet, individual users can access. The Metaverse can unlock access to new creative, social and economic opportunities.

It is sometimes equated with technology (VR) or augmented reality (AR), but it is so much more than that, not least because the digital world is created by people who can also interact with each other.

Metaverse is based on the idea that by creating a greater sense of “virtual presence,” online interaction can become much closer than face-to-face meetings.

The new Internet superimposes graphic elements, sound, and other sensory data on the current reality to enhance and enrich the user experience. It also provides the opportunity not only to browse online content, but more importantly to immerse oneself in a world that combines digital and physical space. Building virtual reality can be compared to participating in social media, but the metaverse goes well beyond currently known activities.

To develop the Internet of the Future, Facebook wants to spend 1/4 of its annual profits and involve as many as 10,000 people in the task. According to Reuters, Mark Zuckerberg assures that he is aware that the project will not bring immediate profits. However, he believes that the metaverse is the future that will bring a revolution to the then market.

The Facebook CEO is also aware that no single company can be the sole operator, and thus the owner, of the new Internet, because its most important feature should be interoperability and openness. It assumes constant cooperation between companies, creators and programmers. The Metaverse is to be created by Europeans, as it is home to first-class universities and top-quality talent.

The vision of the new, digital world is still evolving – it’s hard to say what it will ultimately look like and what principle it will operate on. In the 1970s it was not entirely clear in what direction the mobile Internet would develop – today it is an indispensable tool for work and an element of life for practically everyone. The metaverse is already beginning to enter the everyday world, and what will it ultimately be like? Time will tell.

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