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7 Interesting Ways Smart Locker Technology Benefits the Enterprise

When we think of lockers, our minds probably conjure images of school hallways and basements. However, in today’s digital world, lockers have gone digital. Smart lockers are a great example of how tech is being used to solve real-world problems.

miko lehman
Miko Lehman
CEO @ GMI Software
08 July 2022 5 MIN OF READING

When we think of lockers, our minds probably conjure images of school hallways and basements. However, in today’s digital world, lockers have gone digital. Smart lockers are a great example of how tech is being used to solve real-world problems.

smart locker
Q2 Smart locker

These smart lockers are seeing increased adoption across multiple industries. Organizations use them as a way to streamline the check-in process, reduce check-in times, and increase security.

Whether you work in an office building or one of its support buildings like a warehouse or maintenance shed, chances are good that your company has some sort of locker system for storing employee belongings during work hours.

There are many different types of locker systems out there, but what makes smart locker technology so great is that it solves some common issues businesses face with their current locker systems while also introducing new ways to improve efficiency and security.

Increase Security in a Convenient Way

Smart locker technology can improve security in a number of ways. One of the most important ways it does this is by replacing traditional combination locks with fingerprint scanners. Combination locks are easily shared among employees, and it’s not unheard of for them to be posted online or even emailed to colleagues in a large company. Leaving you locker unlocked leaves it open to being accessed by anyone who has access to your company (which may not just be people who work there). Fingerprint scanners are tougher than traditional locks and provide a more secure storage solution.

Fingerprint scanners can also be tied to an employee’s ID badge to add another layer of security. Another way that smart locker technology can improve security is by issuing unique ID numbers to each locker. This can help prevent employees from accidentally putting their belongings in the wrong locker and then having no way to get it out again.

One last way that smart locker technology helps to improve security is through real-time monitoring. Most smart locker systems have cameras built in that allow employees to monitor the state of their locker, the items in it, and even who is accessing it.

Streamline Employee Check-in Process

One of the most common uses for smart locker technology is to take the place of employee ID badges. Instead of swiping an ID badge to gain access to a building, employees can simply scan their fingerprint or type in a code on a keypad to open the doors.

This can save companies time, by not having to let employees wait in line to get inside. Additionally, because the system makes a record of each employee’s fingerprints, it can track who has come and gone from the building.

If your company has a large support team, such as IT workers who are on call, using a smart locker system to keep track of who is in the office can help keep things running smoothly. For example, if an employee is called in, they can scan their fingerprint or type in a code to mark themselves as “on call,” and the system will know who is supposed to be working and who is supposed to be off.

Reduce Time Employees Spend Checking In and Out

Some smart locker systems come with a feature that allows employees to check in and out of a locker from their smartphone. This can reduce the time employees spend standing in line by letting them check in and out from wherever they happen to be. It also reduces the amount of time employees have to stand in line because others who are checking in after them will be able to do so more quickly.

Allow for Remote check-in/check-out

Some systems allow employees to remotely check in and out of lockers, which means employees don’t have to even be in the building to check in and out. This can be especially helpful in cases where employees are out sick or on vacation and would otherwise have to make their way to the office just to check in or out. It can also be helpful if an employee is coming in later than normal or has a shift that starts before the office is open. The queues of employees waiting outside at the office can be reduced by using this.

Provide Real-time Inventory Tracking

Many smart locker systems come with sensors that track the amount of items in each locker. Your employees’ lockers can malfunction and this tracker will let you know when it’s time to take them offline. They also help with tracking inventory, so you know if there are any specific lockers that need attention before they end up causing problems.

smart locker
Q2 Smart locker

Provide real-time tracking of locker usage

Some systems also allow you to track the number of times each locker is opened and closed each day. This can help to identify locker malfunctions and can also be used to determine which areas of the building employees are visiting most often.


When you’re looking for new ways to improve your company, it can be helpful to look at a problem you are currently experiencing and see if there is a technological solution that can address it. One great way to do this is to look at the issues some of your employees are facing and see if tech can help address them.

There are a variety of ways that smart locker technology benefits the enterprise. From increasing security to streamlining the check-in process, these systems are a great way to improve your business.