UI/UX Design

Project development steps

1. Understanding the product

The first step to creating a design for your product is understanding it. During a conversation with our UX/UI Designer, you’ll have the opportunity to lay out your vision and make sure we think alike. We’ll also explain exactly what the next steps will look like so you feel confident throughout the process.

2. Inspiration

Since you know your product best, you probably already know how you’d like it to look. There are millions of styles we can design your app in, but there are probably a few apps on the market that have stolen your heart. It’s much easier to deliver the design of your dreams when you prepare a list of your inspirations. Together we can discuss what exactly you like in the existing solutions and use it for the design.

3. Defining processes

This is a part of our Product Design Workshop, without which creating a design is impossible. In order to prepare views for the whole project we need to know the processes to be supported. An experienced team, responsible for building applications for many years, will help you with this. You do not have to spend several days alone on drawing hundreds of processes. We will help you do it within a few hours.


4. Ideation & Sketching

Before we spend time on design, we want to make sure that you are satisfied with the processes we have drawn up together. Because only when you see the application with your own eyes you will be sure, if everything was thought through, we prepare a visualization. Preliminary mockups are not yet as pleasing to the eye as the final design, but they show the exact location of buttons and functionality. You will feel as if you already have your product in front of you.

5. Design

When we know everything about the app we can move on to the design. Since there are usually many and different inspirations, we try to prepare 3 selected views in different styles that you like. Based on our suggestions, we refine the design so that you are fully satisfied with its appearance. At any stage of the work we can change the font, color or graphics.


of your choice

3 visual variants

based on your inspirations

6. Prototyping

Prototyping is usually associated with the programming stage, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Your prototype can also be an application design. After creating all views we are able to combine them in the appropriate tool so that it looks like the final product. This will not be a working solution, but you will be able to show investors or co-workers how the application will behave in a given situation, what screen will appear when a button is pressed… It is much easier to talk about your business if you can present your product.

7. Implementation

Once we start working on the product development, we will successively implement the designs approved by you. This is not only more efficient than implementing everything after the work is done, but it also brings great satisfaction when you see new functionalities not only working as expected, but also looking the way you dreamed.

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Other services


Apart from designing the view and layout of web and mobile applications, we are also familiar with designing other materials necessary for business.

Logo & branding

responsible for the visual identification of your company

Landing page

consistent with the look of your application


necessary to attract investors or partners