Software and Hardware integration

We are technology experts

We are an experienced team with a love for technology that goes beyond delivering digital solutions. That is why we have chosen to grow by combining Software with Hardware.

Most of our team has experience working with IoT and this is our target direction. In particular, we are one of the few in Poland to combine Software with Hardware.

This is not only a challenge for us but also an opportunity to create innovative projects that affect the quality of life of society.

Some of our expertise areas

Software and Hardware Integration

Most of the innovative smart city project connect hardware and software. We are not afraid of challanges that it brings.

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Hardware Monitoring

In projects that include hardware it is really important to know what happens with it even if it is on the other end of the world. Especially if you need to fix it and you need to know which part has failed. Your software can help you with that.

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Hardware consulting

Before you decide on the device you want to use in your project you need to do extensive research and even then you can expect that it will not work as the supplier promised. We are here to minimalize the risk. Before we start the project we help you to make the best hardware choice.

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