Prototyping & MVP Save time and budget on building your application with modern stack

What should be your next step in the app development process? How to make a prototype for an app idea? How to go from an idea to an MVP? And finally – how should you approach investors to invest in your startup? Time to embrace prototyping and MVP product development.

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From a vision to
a money-making product

Take a deep breath before you enter the market to score your first paying clients:

  • How can you build your application fast?
  • How can you diminish the risk and make sure your product will survive in the wild?
  • How can you impress your angel investor to get funds for further development?


Meet the Minimum Viable
Product development

What is a Minimum Viable Product software?
It’s a 6-step creative process to build your app prototype:

  • The Idea: How do you see your product?
  • The Goal: What should your product achieve?
  • The Processes: What will be happening in the app?
  • The Features: What will make the processes possible?
  • The Priorities: Which features will matter most?
  • The Development: Build, validate, and iterate.

Final results: your web or mobile app prototype.


Front End Developer

At some point in his life Daniel said he had to change something and became a programmer. From that moment on, he makes graphic design a reality and he does it very well!


Full Stack Developer

Marcin has been working for GMI practically since the beginning of the company’s existence. He is one of those developers who can come up with completely unconventional solutions for every problem he encounters. For clients, he always comes up with a solution that does not consume too much cost at an early stage of project development.


Tech Leader

The combination of technology and business always brings a great challenge. Each project requires an experienced specialist who verifies the work of other developers. Sebastian has over 11 years of experience in developing applications for various industries. He sets the technical framework of the project at an early stage and provides full support for each client in transforming their vision into a working product.


Full Stack Developer

Wojtek focuses primarily on discovering and implementing the latest solutions in application interfaces. Every error in the application is treated as a failure, so a few times he makes sure before he shows anything to the client. Wojtek is mainly working on mobile applications and from his keyboard he has been working on several projects.

Meet your MVP
dev team

How to build, develop, and execute MVP? By teaming up with a highly-experienced software house!

Let’s meet:

Daniel Front End Developer
Marcin Full Stack Developer
Sebastian Tech Leader
Wojtek Full Stack Developer

How long will it take to
develop an MVP?

GMI Software House will transform your idea into a product step by step:

Your benefits

What will you win by developing your
prototype and MVP?

  • Impress your angel investor fast! Demonstrate your application after just three weeks!
  • You don’t have to overspend. Save your budget. Invest less but receive a product.
  • Drive your results and ROI quickly. Achieve revenue from your product after a month!

They recommend us

They recommend us

With the greatest pleasure and full responsibility, we recommend GMI as a professional contractor for web applications and CMS systems. We chose GMI primarily because they approached our inquiry very professionally. Very fluent contact at an early stage of talks announced that the implementation would be equally efficient and it actually was. If there is an opportunity in the future to jointly implement another project, we will definitely use the services of GMI again.

Tomasz Kozioł-Milanowicz

CODERS LAB SP. Z O.O. Project Manager Warszawa, Poland

We highly recommend using the programming services and long-term cooperation with the GMI Group, which provides the company Języki Online with comprehensive support for the e-learning platform along with a dedicated CMS system, including development work as well as optimization of existing functions.

Karolina Sobocińska

Języki Online Sp. z o.o. PROJECT MANAGER Warsaw, Poland

I have worked with the GMI Group on many projects over the last 4 years. I have always been satisfied with the quality of the commissioned works, which were made by Mikołaj Lehman and his entire programming team. GMI has unique skills to translate ideas into reality. They are very efficient, discreet and, above all, trustworthy.

Arek Kozłowski

Q2 Smart Lockers & Arco London Ltd. Managing Director London, Great Britain

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