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How did we achieve the final result?

We used the latest technological solutions and the latest methods of project management so that the final effect would bring specific benefits to our client and application users.

We used the agailmethod to organize work on the project.
We set on Ruby on Rails and Ionic to speed up the programming process,
while focusing on the high quality of the code.
we divided tasks into sprints,
thanks to which we managed the project's time more efficiently.
We've prepared product ready for the market within 6 weeks

What technologies we used?

Choosing the right technology is crucial during the implementation of the project. As a team of programmers, we select the technologies for each task that will bring the most benefits to our client.



Do you want your application to be transparent and run smoothly?

Creating effective applications requires appropriate tools.
Thanks to Angular, creating a visual layer is much faster and cheaper!

Ruby on Rails

Do you focus on code quality and the best standards and practices when creating applications?

So why Ruby on Rails? We find Ruby provides us with a combination of the best tooling, better quality code libraries and a more pragmatic approach to software.


Would you like to spend an application for Android and iOS, spending budget for just one?

By using hybrid technology, we are able to prepare an application for two systems at the same time saving time and money.

Karolina Sobocińska

Project Manager

Języki Online Sp. z o.o.
Warszawa, Polska

We highly recommend using the programming services and long-term cooperation with the GMI Group, which provides the company Języki Online with comprehensive support for the e-learning platform along with a dedicated CMS system, including development work as well as optimization of existing functions.

The GMI Group is a high-class team that effectively manages their time professionals, open to the implementation of innovative ideas with modern methods. The team's competences are undoubtedly of the highest quality and recommendable. The quality of services provided, the time of implementation and the atmosphere of everyday cooperation with the GMI Group company do not raise any objections. Understanding our needs and specificity the implemented project guarantees satisfaction and long-term cooperation.

Without hesitation, we can recommend the GMI Group as a reliable technology partner. They meet all IT projects, and the implementation of crazy ideas in a realistic budget and reasonable time is their specialty.











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Why we?

We have been supplying non-standard IT solutions for 5 years. We analyze the business of our clients and under their requirements we select the most effective method of project management. We have over 60 comprehensive projects in our portfolio.

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