Build your MVP for 30000€

Product Design Workshops

Remote workshops

This is the first step to any successful product. Together we’ll create a plan to help turn your idea into a working business. In addition to our technical expertise, you can also count on our business and marketing knowledge. One session will help you create a business model, marketing strategies and features your users will love

1 day

product workshops

950 EUR

cost of the workshop

Process design

To make sure everyone fully understands your idea, we love to visualize every part of the application. Before we start programming or working on design, we sketch out the entire process of what you want to create. This helps us identify risks that may arise during the work. For you, this is a product map that you can easily modify before you decide on development.

Wireframes design

Once you’ve decided what functionalities you want to present to your users, it’s time to decide how you want to present them. Based on the target group, to which the application is addressed, our UX/UI designer will propose its layout. At this stage each of the views is just a preliminary version – without colors or animations. But it presents each of the processes and functionalities.


When the whole application is already planned there comes a time when we can provide you with the most important information about your project. We’ll prepare a roadmap with the most important stages marked, so you’ll know what to expect and when. Additionally we will suggest you a team that can make your application.

Product Development

Product backlog refinement

We start each project by preparing our scope of work for each week. Together we can prioritize so that the most important functionality is delivered first. Because we work in an agile way we are able to change our priorities during the work. Then we re-organize the product backlog refinement and establish a new scope of work.


This is the time when our developers build your product. You are present during our regular meetings and have a constant influence on what we create. You are able to present the progress of our work and share test versions of the application. Thanks to this you can actually see what we have already created.

Project retrospective

The meeting takes place when your product is already in use and you can focus on acquiring new users. It’s a time when we look at the work we’ve done together and think about how we can improve our processes for the future. All so that we can be even better when you come back to us to build the next version of your application.

Beri – a true example of an MVP for €30,000


All your wishes in one place

Beri is a mobile app that gives you the ability to gather all your wishes in one place. You can automatically add pre-made wish lists from popular US stores, or simply create your own list by adding a photo or searching the web. Most importantly, you can share your lists with your friends so they will always know what gift to buy you to make you happy.

10 weeks

Duration of the project

3 developers

Project team

30 000

Project Costs


Main functionalities

Wishlist scrapper that allows you to collect data from stores and update it in real time.

Built-in browser allowing users to search for products online and save them directly to wish lists.

Add friends – based on Facebook friendship or phone contact list.

Dedicated design that makes the app unique.


Test it yourself!

You don’t have to take our word for it. You can download the app from the Google or Apple store and see for yourself what you can achieve by working with us. Who knows, maybe you will fall in love with Beri and become a loyal user?