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We accelerate digital transformation and increase visibility of the supply chain by offering logistics software consultancy and well-proven software solutions on demand.

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As a team, we have experience not only in creating digital solutions but also in being a part of logistic projects. Our past jobs give us know-how on the industry and the knowledge on current trends comes from the in-house project we develop as a part of GMI hub. We are not afraid to share our knowledge and this is what gives us an advantage over the competitors.

Some of our expertise areas

Real Time Tracking

No more phone calls to find out where is your fleet or the package. With real-time tracking, you can access all the information with one click.

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System integrations

Using many tools to manage your transportation process is time consuming and it is easy to make a mistake. By integrating all the systems together you can have it all in one place.

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Route planning

With the usage of the newest technologies combined with our algorythms we can easily plan the route for your cargo to make it most efficient.

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The Insider’s Guide to Developing a Logistics Software Solutions

When you first start looking into solutions for your logistics operations, it can seem like there are a million different options and very little guidance on which one might be best for your company. After all, what exactly is logistics software? What does it do? Do we even need it? This blog post will introduce you to the world of logistics software as well as offer insight into how a solution could help your business…

We are a technology partner for

I was impressed by their initial concept walkthrough. It was probably the best one we saw, in terms of wireframes. They pinned down my idea and grasped my concept the most cleanly. Additionally, I requested they design the app with React Native and they complied.


Beri.gifts Founder USA

GMI did an excellent job, surpassing all initial expectations. Their use of Trello made the collaboration easy. Furthermore, they’re a punctual, communicative, and helpful vendor that shares what they think is best for a project.


Giverr.dk Founder Aalborg, Denmark

We highly recommend using the programming services and long-term cooperation with the GMI Group, which provides the company Języki Online with comprehensive support for the multikurs.pl e-learning platform along with a dedicated CMS system, including development work as well as optimization of existing functions.

Karolina Sobocińska

Języki Online Sp. z o.o. PROJECT MANAGER Warsaw, Poland

I have worked with the GMI Group on many projects over the last 4 years. I have always been satisfied with the quality of the commissioned works, which were made by Mikołaj Lehman and his entire programming team. GMI has unique skills to translate ideas into reality. They are very efficient, discreet and, above all, trustworthy.

Arek Kozłowski

Q2 Smart Lockers & Arco London Ltd. Managing Director London, Great Britain

With the greatest pleasure and full responsibility, we recommend GMI as a professional contractor for web applications and CMS systems. We chose GMI primarily because they approached our inquiry very professionally. Very fluent contact at an early stage of talks announced that the implementation would be equally efficient and it actually was. If there is an opportunity in the future to jointly implement another project, we will definitely use the services of GMI again.

Tomasz Kozioł-Milanowicz

CODERS LAB SP. Z O.O. Project Manager Warszawa, Poland

From the beginning, GMI was able to anticipate possible risks and interruptions. The design environment was adapted to our working mode and was simple enough for the product owner to meet his requirements and those of the development team. Thanks to the great attention to the quality of the code, the project was delivered on time and there were no internal complications associated with the product development. However, there were external complications (service providers), which GMI helped to solve with us.


Budlex Warsaw

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