Custom Software Development

We are technology experts

We are the team that constantly deepens the knowledge so e-learning platforms are not only our work areas but also a place where we spend our free time. A combination of our experience and presence in the Ed-Tech industry as users give help us bring great products to the market. We are not creating products for your customers, we are creating products that we want to use in the future. And with our tech experience, we are very demanding of the products we use. So we set the bar really high.

Some of our expertise areas

Designated CMS

Platforms offering online learning not only teach poeple. They need to be accessible, easy in use and constantly updated. We know how to create CMS that will help your team in the easiest way possible. Remember that most of your sales comes from your webiste.

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System Integrations

Don’t reinvent the wheel. You can use solutions that already exist on the market and add your value. We can help you connect all the systems you want to use and build your product on that.

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