How much does an app like uber cost?


Uber App

The most frequently asked question that is submitted through our contact form is “I would like to make an app similar to uber, what would be the cost?

To meet the expectations of our clients on this page we will transparently present how we would estimate the cost of creating an uber app.

What are the core features of apps such as Uber?


Uber Geolocation
Geolocation allows you to identify the location of your phone. It is embedded through the CoreLocation framework for iOs devices and Google Location API services for Android.

Uber Push Notifications and SMS
Push and SMS notifications can be sent using integrations with Apple Push Notifications for iOS and Firebase Cloud Messaging for Android. Both platforms also allow Twillio integrations for text messaging.

Uber payment gateway
The app supports Stripe and PayPal payment gateways. Uber also works with Apple Pay for iOs and Google Wallet for Android.

How many apps do we need?


App for drivers
A mobile app designed for drivers to share their postposition to find the perfect passenger and get paid for transporting the person. It typically includes features such as real-time and scheduled inquiries, trip details, and payment tools.

App for passengers
This app allows users to order rides based on a pre-entered destination travel address. It includes features such as real-time matching of passengers to drivers, real-time updates on rides and a user-friendly payment portal.

Backoffice panel
When creating any mobile application nowadays, you need to remember that it must be conveniently and efficiently managed. Would you like to view multiple reports using your phone? It is impossible. That is why you create de facto another application (desktop) “to rule them all”.

Application development cycle including costs

Product Design Workhsop

This is the first step in the process of creating an uber-like app. We work together to create a plan to help turn your idea into a working business. One session will help you create the business model, marketing strategies and features that users of the app will need to transport people.

At this point, the first necessary costs of creating an app come into play.

1 day

product workshops

950 EUR

cost of the workshop

Rapid Prototyping

This is the next phase during the project. During this step, we create all the views of the application and the architecture of the mobile application.

3 days

of rapid prototyping sesion

3000 EUR

cost of the prototype

UI/UX design

Once we know everything about the app, we can move on to design. Since inspirations are usually many and varied, you need to prepare some views in different styles that will be suitable for users.

3 – 6 days

approximate for all views

3000 – 6000 EUR

cost of the desigs

Uber like mvp app development

Driver app (iOS + Android)

The estimates that follow show the number of hours it takes for developers to create a specific feature for the Android and iOS platform.

This number must be divided by 160, which is the number of hours a full-time programmer is physically able to work each month. By this we will be able to calculate the time needed for a given stage.


Hours (low case)


Hours (high case)


hourly rate

49 500 / 99 00 €

of total costs

Passenger app (iOS + Android)


Hours (low case)


Hours (high case)


hourly rate

47 250 / 94 500 €

of total costs

Backoffice & backend


Hours (low case)


Hours (high case)


hourly rate

103 500 / 137 250 €

of total costs

UX/UI Design (all apps)


Hours (low case)


Hours (high case)


hourly rate

13 500 / 17 400 €

of total costs

Quality Assurance (all apps + backend)


Hours (low case)


Hours (high case)


hourly rate

12 250 / 28 000 €

of total costs

Scrum Master / Product Owner


Hours (low case)


Hours (high case)


hourly rate

24 000 / 32 000 €

of total costs

6 – 8 months

Duration of the project

3 – 8 people in the project

Project team

250 000 – 408 150 

Project Costs


My name is Miko. I’m CEO & Founder of GMI. I have been creating digital products for over 10 years so design estimations are my area of expertise.

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