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Current offers and jobs

Current job offers

Javascript Developer


75-100 zł/h

netto B2B


man-hours per week

Specific Javascript Developer – exp >3 years

Do you deliver? Do you deliver the scope estimated during planning? You have full flexibility!

You only require independence and responsibility for your tasks.

Technologies used in projects we want to involve you in:

  • JS/TS
  • Angular, React
  • Ionic and React Native
  • Node.js, Nestjs
  • Electron.js
  • Arduino – Johnny-Five – Javascript for Robotics & IoT Platform
  • We also use Docker along with a pipeline-based CI/CD on Gitlab

Sometimes there will be projects where you get to touch each of these technologies each week, and sometimes we’ll struggle with just one of them for a few months. We tell it like it is.

Usually working in small (2-3 people) remote teams. Sometimes we also work solo on some projects (like maintenance or service).

We minimise the number of meetings. Where possible we work asynchronously, communicating on Slack. However, remember that a good contact and relationship with the client is the basis of our work. Do you want to lock yourself in the basement and code? Ok, but after a dynamic and optimistic daily!
We usually fit in 3h of talks per week (4 x daily standups of 15 minutes + 2h for review/retro/planning). We do weekly sprints.

We have adapted our work environment 100% to online collaboration, we use: Slack, JIRA, Miro, Google Workspace

Industries: smart city, proptech, fintech, fitness, logistics, sports, entertainment.

Wondering what to write to us?

The projects you are proud of and a sample code are the most valuable to us – you can add your CV optionally. Generic cover letter – don’t bother, it’s a waste of time.

Recruitment process

One of our unwavering principles is transparency You will find this out bluntly at the very first stage of the interview. Our Head Of People “breaks” all the recruitment rules you have met so far. Thanks to this after the first minutes you will not be stressed at all!

Check the latest job offers

When we are sure that we will need more people for a project or for another department in the company on our LinkedIn and other channels (social media, etc.) a job advertisement appears. Don’t see anything for you?

Talk to Kamil on Linkedin
Step 1 Let’s talk

The first step in the recruitment process is an interview with Kamil – Head of People – at our company. The interview lasts a maximum of one hour and this is the time and place to ask each other questions. Kamil talks a lot, so here you will be listening more than talking. No strest, pure fun.

Step 2 Technical Test/Call

When recruiting programmers, depending on the project and demand, a technical call is made to one or more people associated with the project.

Sometimes we also prepare a short test which we give to the candidate to do during the interview. When recruiting people for a department other than dev – this step is usually skipped.


After interviewing all candidates, we meet internally the next day to make a final decision. Those who we want to offer the job move on to the next stage. Those who can’t be offered a job at the moment receive very detailed feedback on why they didn’t get the job and, above all, what they should improve for the future. We like people who don’t give up!

Step 4 CEO interview

It’s just a formality! A short conversation with our CEO. We take care of all the necessary formalities and invite you to join our team.