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Quarantine – the right time to optimize your Sales and Marketing LIVE #2

The GMI Group has reached new unknown horizons and is slowly gaining wind in the sails. In life it is worth sharing with those we care about. And we care about the welfare of our customers, so we constantly share our know-how.

During the second live video we presented how you can support your business with such tools as CRM or Marketing Automation software. The current coronavirus pandemic has made us all focus on process optimization so that we don’t lose any valuable leads.

We have presented such tools as HubSpot and User.com, which we use and admire.

Do you meet one of the following points?

  1. you are setting up a company and would like to know how to implement these tools into your business?
  2. you already have your business, but you were not convinced to any software?
  3. You already use CRM and Marketing Automation Software, but feel that something is wrong?
  4. You are already using CRM and Marketing Automation Software, but you don’t like the existing tools?
  5. You are just curious about what we want to show you.

If you have answered “yes” to any of the questions at least once, this live video is for you 🙂

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