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May 23

What Really Makes Software House a Good Business Partner

23 May 2019

How do you recognize software developers that will bring significant value for your technology project? What makes a dev team worth your attention? To achieve success with your product development, you will need to track down a software house with business and marketing-oriented developers. Why? Let’s break it down. Tech nerds who focus entirely on writing code, and don’t give a damn about anything besides it. Looks familiar? It does...

Jan 22

Why software projects are so expensive?

22 January 2019

It’s not a ready-made product you can take from the shop shelf and throw into the basket. It’s something way more far-reaching and complicated. Software product you are planning to build will involve serious costs. How serious? Why are IT projects so expensive? Let’s decipher this complex puzzle piece by piece. It might be a mobile or a web application or a more complex IT system. In each scenario, creating...

Aug 28

Stakeholder vs Product Owner in the online project – is mixing up these roles a good idea?

28 August 2018

What will happen if in our IT project a Stakeholder takes a role of a Product Owner? Is it a good idea that both these roles were performed by one person? There are many aspects that have an impact on the success or failure of an IT project. We have already analyzed why building online product in a 12-month timeline is a bad idea. We also took a closer look...


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