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Aug 13

Software House Without an Office part 1: The advantage of a remote IT company over a traditional one

13 August 2019

IT projects are more often taking place almost entirely online. Cooperation with freelancers seems to be quite obvious to, as do other forms of outsourcing certain aspects of our business, when your company is already short in terms of staff. So are you still reluctant to cooperate with an IT company that operates entirely remotely? Which, in fact, does not have its own physical office? Does the fact that the entire...

May 23

What Really Makes Software House a Good Business Partner

23 May 2019

How do you recognize software developers that will bring significant value for your technology project? What makes a dev team worth your attention? To achieve success with your product development, you will need to track down a software house with business and marketing-oriented developers. Why? Let’s break it down. Tech nerds who focus entirely on writing code, and don’t give a damn about anything besides it. Looks familiar? It does...


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