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Apr 04

Evaluation of application – Why is one offer for 10,000 and the other for 250,000?

4 April 2019

Again, we approach here a very sensitive and extremely important issue – the evaluation of an IT project. At the beginning of July 2018, we unveiled the 9 most common mistakes committed at this stage of cooperation with the software house agency. We have also developed simple and specific solutions to get out of trouble when setting a budget for our application or other online product. Today, we will consider...

Jan 11

Your Brilliant Idea Is Not Enough – This is How to Create Succesful Application

11 January 2019

Coming up with an outstanding idea for an application might be intoxicating. However, the million-dollar idea without the right methodology, hard work, and the right tools is a myth. It’s time to redesign your approach to building applications. Here’s how. Bang! That’s it! This is the disrupting idea I was looking for all along. This will skyrocket my revenue like crazy. - Do you know the feeling? Because we do....


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