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May 06

The 9 biggest errors in the evaluation of an IT project – How to avoid them?

6 May 2019

We are facing a very important stage of application development. However, the valuation of an IT project carries with it a high risk of errors that will burden our entire venture. What are the mistakes and how can you avoid them? We already know how important it is to do homework before our first meeting with the software house and to set clear priorities. Today, we reveal the nine most...

Apr 04

Evaluation of application – Why is one offer for 10,000 and the other for 250,000?

4 April 2019

Again, we approach here a very sensitive and extremely important issue – the evaluation of an IT project. At the beginning of July 2018, we unveiled the 9 most common mistakes committed at this stage of cooperation with the software house agency. We have also developed simple and specific solutions to get out of trouble when setting a budget for our application or other online product. Today, we will consider...

Jan 22

Why software projects are so expensive?

22 January 2019

It’s not a ready-made product you can take from the shop shelf and throw into the basket. It’s something way more far-reaching and complicated. Software product you are planning to build will involve serious costs. How serious? Why are IT projects so expensive? Let’s decipher this complex puzzle piece by piece. It might be a mobile or a web application or a more complex IT system. In each scenario, creating...

Jan 11

Your Brilliant Idea Is Not Enough – This is How to Create Succesful Application

11 January 2019

Coming up with an outstanding idea for an application might be intoxicating. However, the million-dollar idea without the right methodology, hard work, and the right tools is a myth. It’s time to redesign your approach to building applications. Here’s how. Bang! That’s it! This is the disrupting idea I was looking for all along. This will skyrocket my revenue like crazy. - Do you know the feeling? Because we do....


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