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Superhero GMI – Kamil Dziuba

Get to know us better! It’s time to present our team. People who together build up the spirit and strength of the GMI Group. Without them it would be impossible. We’d like to start a series from the good soul of GMI Group – Kamil, who works as a Head of Sales ?

Kamil, you’ve been at the GMI Group since 2017. Tell us what your career path looked like before you came here. Why did you just decide to transfer to the technology industry?

It’s hard to tell all your professional history in a few sentences to not bore anyone by the way 😉 Especially if it concerns sales. So maybe I’ll answer the second question right away and the story will work out by itself. 

Why did I go in the direction of the IT industry? Because the traditional sale has completely bored me. If you do the same thing for 10 years, only by changing the company, at some point, man burns out. If there is no prospects for development, we can picture how a person can feel coming to work for several years in a row and repeats the same tasks a hundred times. This is exactly the B2C sales – very schematic. Customers are different, but usually the product is the same.

That’s why I decided to do something about it and become … a programmer. 😀 I didn’t do it to the end. After completing a fairly intense front-end course, I started doing the first IT projects as freelancer. At the same time I started the recruitment for the junior position. The first conversations I’ve had with companies made it clear to me how much I still don’t know. In addition, 90% of the companies immediately converted by seeing my CV for the sales position, not technically. And finally, I found a similar scheme in GMI.

I applied for the position of junior front-end developer and during the conversation we went down about sales topic. At the same time GMI and, exactly, Nick (our CEO) very precisely explained to me what I still don’t know. At the same time, he directed me to know what IT sales are and how it can be fun. And I must admit he convinced me. I’m still in touch with programming. “I play” with our website as PO, but also as a programmer. This knowledge greatly helps me during sales processes. Where you need to explain the technical jargon to the client in a simple language.

We know that you had to deal with traditional sales earlier. Talk about how the situation changed when you came to a completely different sector. Could you point out the differences that are noticeable at first sight and what do you have to face every day?

You don’t have time for anything in direct sales. There may be a situation where you have to serve several clients at once. And only the final result depends on you and your skills. Switching to typical B2B is not a particularly difficult challenge. Certain rules and conventions still apply as in the traditional sales model (the new learns quickly) only the fundamental difference is played by time. In IT, everything was terribly long for me at first. 🙂 I was used to selling in 30 minutes, not in 3 months. At the beginning I had to definitely improve my patience and I’m still struggling with it. 😉

You mentioned that you have programming experience. Do you think technical knowledge is an indispensable element to successfully work in sales in this industry? What challenges do you have to face each day?

If you don’t know your product which you sale, no matter what kind of industry it is you will never be a good salesman. You’ll not be able to capture customers objections or to educate them. Because Software House doesn’t sell typical products but services so technical knowledge is essential in this process.

After several months of work and systematization of the knowledge I had before, I was able to serve the majority of our clients on our own and gradually better advise them. I still have a problem with the analysis of larger projects where at the sales stage the customer already has many materials for his product. In this case, I’m using a more experienced person who will speed up the sales process.

Waiting for the client… 😉

What is your greatest success so far? Both in personal and professional life.

I proved once again not only that changing the industry is nothing terrible and painful. There is always a transitional stage and it requires working on its deficits. All you need is desire and determination to act. In my private life, the real success is that instead of buying a typical apartment in a block, I decided to build a house. I’m facing a challenge but I think I will come out of it with success.

Could you tell us about your passions and how do you spend your free time?

I have a lot of passions, but the time for them less and less because I try to dose them while combining them together. Recently, I read a lot that is directly or indirectly related to space. As soon as I build my dream house, there will be a mini observatory next to it with some nice telescope. 🙂

Kamil, talk about your plans for the next few, maybe a dozen or so years. What are you dreaming about? What goals do you have in front of you?

I will list in turn:

building plus finishing the house
enlarge the family
construction of an observatory
ensuring family well-being
to buy a motorcycle and ride it around the world when I’m older. 🙂

Thank You Kamil ?

This is another interview in the series about our teammates: D We are waiting for next publications.

More information about Kamil is available at:
LinkedIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kamildziuba/

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