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Superhero GMI – Piotr Jarzyna

Get to know us better! It’s time to present our team. People who together build up the spirit and strength of the GMI Group. Without them it would be impossible. We’d like to start a series from the good soul of GMI Group – Piotr, who works as a Scrum Master 🙂

Please, tell me about the qualities of your current position. What challenges do you have to face every day on the way to achieving your goal?

The biggest value in my role is the ability to arrange processes so that both teams and individuals can finally take on a dedicated challenge to overcome independently. A bit like with the famous approach: “Help me do it yourself”. The biggest challenge in my role is very efficient teaching the agile approach new clients and new members of team. This challenge is difficult when all parties work in one office. In GMI everything takes place remotely, so the crossbar is higher! Despite this, I feel that cooperation and contact with the client or team are much closer than in the case of the office. Interesting paradox…

What do your friends say about you most often? What do they pay special attention to?

That would have to ask my friends! 😉 However, from what I have heard, the coolest thing about me is sincerity, caring, empathy and finally the fact that I can always listen and help effectively. I think it’s good that I’m the Scrum Master…

Tell us about your story and the life path that brought you here.

Professionally I’m from the artistic and event industry. Previously, I ran cultural projects – I implemented the visions of others and my own into reality. In the case of the latter, there was usually too little time. My greatest success in this field is the production of a music festival where played artists such as Tomasz Organek, Krzysztof Zalewski and Kasia Kowalska. In culture, unfortunately, there are very few funds, so I had to quickly adapt to the market and use the skills already gained. That’s why I chose IT!

What was your greatest success or a failure in life?

My biggest failure has been a success at the same time. It concerns my beloved festival. In the 2017 edition, I made a decision to quit my job so that I could make the best edition of the festival in its history. The event was to be a large and massive initiative. We had few people in the production team. We all did the festival after working hours. Considering the size of the project, I had to decide on the total risk and dedicate myself to handling the organizational challenges. I don’t regret it! Everything was buttoned the last button. All infrastructure was already installed, including equipment. The day before the festival, a huge downpour, a storm and a strong gale entered the city. The entire city was flooded, partially cut off from electricity. The whole area of the festival was destroyed – also equipment or stage. We had to do the whole thing again in one night. We had to prepare the whole event from scratch in one night. We did it and we moved the festival to the roof of the city’s Cultural Center. Despite such a monstrous challenge, the festival has been a success!

Tell us about your plans for the next dozen or so years?

I can divide this for professional and private purposes…
Professional: I assume that in so many years GMI will be a big company. I would like the new Scrum Masters to join us – preferably those from whom I could learn a lot. Being aware that the projects are in good hands, I dream of using my skills and contacts in the event industry. It would be great to organize a valuable and practical IT event within GMI. Something big and loud!

Private: starting a family and maintaining a work-life balance. Now I am successful, but I miss the most important element, so that the time that I have after work, be able to share with my family.

The second private dream is the implementation of my educational program for young people socially excluded. The project is related to the creative industry, that is, what flows in my veins!

Thank You Piotrek 🙂

This is the beginning of our series about our teammates, but we are excited. Honestly, We can’t wait for more interviews!

More information about Piotr is available at:
LinkedIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/piotr-jarzyna/

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