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Product Design Workshops – the best start to the development process LIVE #5

Designing digital products is a challenging process. But it can be even more difficult if the customer does not provide detailed product specifications. If a product idea is not refined, you risk starting a project whose scope is uncertain.

That’s why this time we showed you how we help our customers turn their product ideas into a ready-made development plan.

Our Product Design Workshops is a process in which we help both beginners (startups) and experienced players. 🙂


  • Find out what is Product Design Workshops – and how he’s going to help you structure the whole project.
  • Discovery – what should you know about your business
  • Product design – building roadmap, planning features and creating a successful strategy.

You can’t miss it if you want to find out what is lacking in your development process!

Enjoy watching!

Product workshops are a quick way to make very accurate project estimations. Contact us for a detailed project estimate.

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