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Average App Development Cost in 2020 – based on the example – Uber App LIVE #3

For many years we have been providing the best software to customers from Poland, Europe and the United States.

This would not be possible without proper estimation and planning of the whole process. In the next live video we decided to show you how much it costs to create an application on the example of Uber, which has become a global brand.

We presented an accurate process of estimating the costs of the application on the basis of the functionality provided by uber for its users. Both drivers and passengers.

In addition, we presented information about:

  • what minimum team of developers should create such a complex application,
  • which technologies can be used during the development,
  • summary of application costs

Did you know that currently creating an application is more than a year of work of several development teams? From our live you will learn about a specific time estimation. 🙂

If you plan to create your own application in the future, you can’t but watch Patrycja’s next speech. You can’t miss such an opportunity 😉

Enjoy watching!

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