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08.2020 – The P&C department is not idle

We want our customers to feel good with us. As every customer automatically becomes a member of our team, we want them to have access to all information in a pleasant way. We are currently working on two things.

A “place” to which the client has access to all information about the project (internal project) and the implementation booklet in printed form.

We will also be developing a similar book for our devs in the near future.




08.2020 – Big change

“From small steps to the end of the goal”

During this year a very important decision was made in the company.  People & Culture department was created.

We noticed that with the increase in employment, more and more organizational problems appear. As we are a company that works 100% remotely, there are much more of these problems than in a company that works on a stationary basis.

The P&C department makes every employee feel like at home in the company – because they work from home! 🙂